Getting started

It took me some time to finally decide myself to review the T25 workout, but more than that I wanted to tell you my entire story and let you know how everything started, the problems that all of us encounter when we want to lose weight, what worked for me and what failed horribly because of a wrong mindset or some false advertising of some fake products.

After losing  18.5 KG  the self-confidence escaladed quickly and I was actually proud to expose my body on the beach or at the pool, getting fit in that awesome elegant red dress that I was dreaming about was a big objective to check on my list. Trust me, nothing is feels better than hitting the target you were aiming for a long time.

The Flash

Everything started 2 years ago when I was single at home preparing myself for a romantic dinner with my husband, a song from Ed Sheeren was playing on the background and something just flashed in my had when I was looking at myself in the mirror. I realized that I wasn’t beautiful anymore. I wasn’t attractive at all actually. All the jokes about fat people started to popup in my mind and I knew I had to do something. After that dinner, I searched the entire internet for any kind of shortcuts including “magic pills” that all of us expect to find because of the modern era medicine but no, don’t expect to find that. More than that, going on this route and not getting the expected results will lead to frustration or even depression. I’ve tried weird diets that didn’t work and were just a waste of money, health and time.

No shortcuts

I’ve tried tons of weight loss products and not even one of them worked as it was advertised. There was just a temporary weight loss or not losing weight at all, basically there are no shortcuts in getting rid of fat. My closest friends were joking about me, they didn’t support me at all and more than that they did exactly the contrary. The desperation was increasing day after day, nothing felt more badly than hearing a deeply critic from my own sister, I felt like everything was collapsing around me, but it also gave me some motivation that was pushing me forward and made myself ask “I don’t like my own body why other people would like how I look?”.

The only person that had faith in me and was unbelievable supportive with kind words and getting me a smile every time I was with the moral below sea level was my husband! He loved me no matter how I looked, but I felt like he deserves more than what I was! He deserves a beautiful fit woman besides him and this is what I was looking to achieve.

Mindset shift

On  March , 2017 I changed my mind into a more realistic one, understanding that there isn’t a magic pill to get me in shape I’ve started reading and researching for a good workout program. It doesn’t matter where and when the extra kilograms came from, the main idea is to get rid of them and keep the excuses away, to do that I made a list of promises to keep myself motivated and see my progress and goals every day.

But I was stuck again, the main problem with those workout programs is that I didn’t had enough time to keep up with them, they were either taking too much time to complete a session or the program was starting at the highest difficulty, it didn’t have a progressive difficulty realizing that the trainers had no idea what they were dealing with and it was kind of frustrating at that time. So, I gave up on those workouts because they didn’t worked for me at all!

Research, Learn, Apply

On my research I’ve also learned that the main factor for loosing or gaining weight was the number of calories we eat every day. The first thing I did was to buy a kitchen scales and calculate my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), so I can have more control over my diet. Basically, subtracting around 500 calories from your BMR will make you lose weight. BMR CALCULATOR

The good news is that the weight started to drop, but it wasn’t enough, I still needed a workout program.

I’ve started with T25 very skeptically because of the previous bad experiences but there’s no other workout program to do the trick in a very short time as T25 did for me in 25 minutes. 25 minutes is not that big deal after all, I had enough time to spend on work and other daily activities or problems without sacrificing the workout time. Another feature that I like about this program was that they were including their diet plan and I can apply what I’ve learned from my research except it was with the calories already calculated so I didn’t had to bother about them anymore.


Focus T25 is a DVD workout program. It is a full-body routine which is very intense. T25 gives very good results in just 25 minutes a day. T25 was made by Shaun T .who is said to have a degree in sports science and a minor in theatre and dance. He is also a Choreographer and dancer. He is a well-established fitness trainer. Shaun T made the Focus T25 workout specifically for busy people so that they would still keep fit and stay in good shape even with their busy schedules.


Focus T25 is a 25 minutes workout program which requires a person to work out for 25 minutes while non-stop and therefore the name focus T25. The program includes cardio exercises and workouts for five days per week. On Saturday you get to check your progress and Sunday you just have to do some stretching. Focus T25 has two phases which are Alpha and Beta.The Focus t25 product comes with 11, 25 minutes workout DVDs, a workout calendar, a nutrition strategy and a workout resistance band.


About the product

Focus T 25 comes with 10 workouts from the calendars, that is alpha and beta phase. It also comes with a bonus one from phase beta. You are also given the Focus T25 nutrition guide and the Focus T25 calendar. There is also a workout resistance band which is 15 pounds and substitutes dumbbells. There is also the quick start review which is there as a formality.

The schedule in the Focus T25 workout product is very easy. There is the calendar for month one which is called the alpha phase that tells you which workout you are supposed to do every day. Basically, every Saturday is meant for rest while Sunday is meant just for stretching.

Fridays are usually intended for double takes. They are set for two videos. It is however not compulsory to do the double workout, though it brings better results. For the Beta phase, which is the second month you just put the beta calendar. The Focus T25 calendar has two boxes under every workout. One box is for “nailed it” and the other for “barely made it”. This boxes are meant to help one check their progress.

The company also released a better program to access more for less. They now have  Beach Body on Demand, I think it’s awesome to get the most popular programs and access them anytime. You can give it a try to see if T25 it’s working for you without any cost it’s free for 7 days.

Alpha phase

It consists of five workouts. The workouts are a little bit difficult but they never leave you wasted. It prepares and builds a solid foundation for your fitness program. In this phase one is expected to work out and eat in a healthy way by following the nutrition plan. There are exercises that are meant to lower your heart rate here and there, but generally it is all about intensity. Alpha teaches one how to work, focus and move your body.

The workouts

Cardio: Cardio usually starts slow here and then gradually builds up. It mostly focuses on the lower part of the body where it prepares the calves and quads for what is next. It also targets the lower abs which provides for the biggest weight loss around the abdomen area. The moves are not so complex but still wear one out.

Abs intervals: This is the best abs workout but leaves one sore in the abdomen for days after you give it a try for the first time. In Focus T25, specific abdominal exercises are combined with cardio centered ones to ensure a lot of fat gets burnt in that area and also helps to build denser and stronger muscles.


Lower focus: This focuses on the lower part of the body. It focuses on mostly the thighs, making the workout a slightly difficult. The exercises here mostly concentrate on the thighs and butt.

Speed 1.0: This concentrates on athleticism. It involves a lot of leg work to make one light on their feet .This helps to improve speed, jumping power and agility power.

Total body circuit: This introduces one to shoulder tap push up, the plank walk and jump into a squat position. It concentrates mostly on the upper body and this is a very good introduction to the beta phase.

The Beta phase

This is the second month of workout. First, the workouts shift gear, centering mostly upon core strength. One of the videos, dynamic core, requires so many abs contractions. This phase needs more leg work and ups the ante quite a bit too. Here there is also added resistance. One can even use 12 pound dumbbells. Beta is all about core strength, core speed and core moves.

The workouts:

Core cardio: The aggressive cardio is about one getting shredded really fast

Speed 2.0: This are core-focused speed drills.

Rip’T circuit: This concentrates on cardio, upper body,legs and abs.

Dynamic core: Here you go from vertical to horizontal and back.

Upper focus: Here you concentrate on the upper body.

There is also a third phase called the Gamma phase. It features a recommended diet to help in losing weight.


Focus t25 Review (remake)
  • Anybody can do the Focus T25 workout program. It is a very easy program to cope up with and with the best results.
  • It is a program that is effective for people who want to keep fit and have a good shape and are very busy since it only needs 25 minutes per day.
  • No machine is needed for the workout.You only need a resistance band which comes with the T25 program.
  • The product has a warranty, and if you do not like the program after buying it, you can get back your money.
  • The results are amazing.


Yes, it’s working 100%! But buy it only if you are serious into this because you need to sweat and push yourself into achieving the desired body. It’s not like you buy it and expect to lose weight without doing nothing. You need to stick to all the stuff as recommended in the program.

Focus T25 is an intense full-body routine for very busy people. The program has a 25 minutes workout every day for five days. The workout is intense and of high impact. T25 is a program that takes the shortest time, it is intense and definitely gives amazing results. But as I already said about the new program, you can get T25 with “On Demand” program and also to try most popular workouts for free and see how it goes for you.

If you’re at the beginning and still have some questions that needs to be answered you can use the contact form from the website to get in touch with me.

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